The Mills Six Bottle System

The Mills six bottle system delivers everything your plant needs for healthy vigorous growth and consistent results whilst giving you, the grower a simple to use and stable nutrient. Basis A and B are used throughout the growth cycle, ensuring your plants have access to all the necessary micro and macro nutrients in their perfect ratios.

Using red iron in our Basis A ensures your plants metabolic pathways are firing on all cylinders for optimum nutrient uptake. Our nitrogen rich Start-R, carb loaded C4 and flower boosting Ultimate PK are specifically tailored to complement the Basis A and B throughout the different growth phases. Mills Vitalize is our patent protected mono-silicic acid. This stand out product is an insurance system for your crop, improving all round plant health, nutrient uptake and pest resistance whilst reducing stress.

Plant Vigor Promoter
Ripening Promoter and PK Booster


Flowering Booster and Activator
2 Part Base Nutrient
2 Part Base Nutrient
Growth Promoter Root Enhancer

Adjustment Additives

Your premier partner in optimizing plant health and productivity. Our state-of-the-art adjustment additives are meticulously formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of your plants, ensuring they thrive in any growing condition. Whether you’re cultivating high-yield crops, maintaining a lush garden, or managing a commercial greenhouse, our additives enhance soil quality, boost nutrient absorption, and promote robust plant growth. With Mills Bio-Nutrients, you’re not just feeding your plants—you’re investing in their future. Trust us to provide the cutting-edge solutions that empower you to achieve unparalleled agricultural success.

Stabilizes and Optimises pH Levels
Ca and Mg Supplement
Stabilizes and Optimises pH Levels