Mills Pays
The Bills

Developed in our state of-the art production facility in Holland. Mills Nutrients has been extensively tested in domestic and commercial settings worldwide, utilising only the finest quality mineral and organic elements to bring you a truly unique feeding system for your plants. Mills gives growers all the yield benefits of a mineral feed whilst allowing your plants to naturally produce the best in taste and quality with our organic inputs.

Mills Nutrients

Our cutting-edge line of plant nutrients in the UK is meticulously formulated to provide flowering plants with the essential nutrition required for optimal growth and flourishing. With extensive research conducted in both controlled laboratory settings and real-world environments, our exclusive bio-mineral formulas offer superior efficiency, effectiveness, and user-friendliness. Irrespective of your preferred growing methodology, our product ensures consistent production of the highest-quality fruits and flowers.

Mills Substrates

For unparalleled growth and development of your plants, Mills Substrates offer the ultimate solution. Designed specifically for discerning growers, our top-notch substrates are meticulously crafted to perfectly complement your individual grow style. With a seamless blend of user-friendliness and exceptional quality, our substrates provide the essential foundation your plants need to thrive and flourish.